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Parentography Episode 2: All The News

Written by Jay on September 18, 2008 – 8:23 pm

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Polaroid Planning a Camera with a printer built in
Panasonic unveils first Micro Four Thirds Camera
Although some confusion still abounds with even Reuters calling the new camera a “SLR” even though it has no mirror and thus is not a Single Lens Reflex Camera.  Will this sort of confusion hurt the new cameras?
Canon and NFL introduce the “Why Do you love Football” photo contest for Amateur Photographers.
Grand Prize is a Trip for Four to Super Bowl XLIII and Gets Their Photo Displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Parents, family members and friends are encouraged to submit as many as 10 of their favorite football photos from September 1, 2008 to December 3, 2008 by visiting and follow the online instructions. 
Canon introduces new cameras targeted at the teen and tween market
The “big” feature of these cameras is that they are available  for “fashion conscience”  teens and tweens in White, Blue and Pink.  Other than that very little (nothing) is different in these run of the mill cameras that are expected to be available this month with an estimated street price of $199.99.
Canon updates A Series and SX series cameras
These “affordable family friendly” camera are mildly improved.  Good cameras for first timers, but nothing that would make somebody give up their old cameras.  The A Series is compact and easy to handle even with one hand.  The SX is something of an oddball.  It is bigger than cameras in the A series, but offers the 10X Zoom available in the S Series.  It is not as good as the S series, but costs less.
Nikon introduces the D90
There hasn’t been much news out of Nikon for the past week or so… but that is mostly because they have been making news and releasing different cameras (mostly on the high professional end) for several months now.  But they did release the D90, which is what is considered a “mid-market” (but for our purposes the “highest end” we will discuss on Parentography) dSLR.  The biggest draw to the new D90 is that this is the first dSLR that does movie capture.  For those that cut their teeth on digital camera, one of the things that seem odd when you move up to a dSLR is losing this movie mode ability that you have in low end Point and Shoot cameras.  Nikon now looks to fill that void with this camera.  At $999.95 (body only, $1299 with lens) though it is not for the most casual of photographers.
Printing:  Do you print photos any more, or just share via sites like Flickr? 


Tip of the Week
Tip of week is actually out Site of the Week this week since it gives you 100 tips for improving your Photography
Site of the Week
Adorama’s 100 Tips in 100 Days – – Part III of Adorama’s 100 tips in 100 Days is under way.
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