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About Parentography

Parentography is  the new home of a podcast for parents that want to learn about photography, but aren’t necessarily interesting in spending a fortune, or keeping their family in the park just to get a photo at the “magic hour.”  It is taking the “rules” of photography, and helping to adapt them to your life, rather than the other way around.


J. Edward Romeo – father of a 8 year old daughter and 2 dogs, Jay is a computer programmer by day, and a budding photography enthusiast by night.  Primarily a Canon shooter (a 20D and a PowerShot S3 IS), he is also know to have a soft spot for Olympus.

Elizabeth Busy Mom –  Elizabeth is married to Busy Dad, and, as an only child, remains baffled by 3 kids, ages 14, 12 and 6, of her own.  Better known as “Busy Mom” around the Internet, she’s been chronicling whatever it is she chronicles at Busy Mom Blog since 2003, and reviewing products nice people send her at Busy Mom Reviews.

A nurse by trade and a blogger by night, she remains on the quest for the perfect purse. In her spare time, she can be found pleading with a disinterested pile of laundry to fold itself.

Busy Mom has had her Canon Digital Rebel XT for nearly a year, and still isn’t quite sure what she’s doing, but, hey, she tries. You can find some of her photography handiwork on her Flickr account.

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