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Parentography 9: Holiday Gifts

Written by Jay on November 13, 2008 – 10:30 am

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Circuit City files for bankruptcy


Black Friday Camera Watch List 


Aviary now open to all.



Panasonic Lumix LX3 – First reviews are in

Canon A590 IS


  • 8 Megapixel resolution
  • 4x optical zoom
  • Image Stabilization
  • Good Picture Quality


Digital Photo Frames

Good and Bad.  Elizabeth has had good experiences with frames by LG Phillips, but my experience with SmartPart’s Frames was less than satisfactory 



Tip of the Week

Get on their level.  Many, Many, Many (dare I say too many) pictures you see of children are shot… down!.  While it is certainly a nice effect sometimes, it is not the most flattering angle for a picture, and can cast shadows.  When taking pictures of small children, try getting down to their level and shooting straight… or even if possible or necessary, bring them UP to your level, on a chair, a counter, table, etc.  


Site of the Week

Scrapblog – 

Scrapbooking meets blogging.  Display online and/or turn into a print book.

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Parentography 8: Lonely Advise

Written by Jay on November 8, 2008 – 11:47 pm

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Kodak sees spike in profits, but long term shorfalls
Circuit City Closing 155
Reviews In and Panasonic G-1 starts shipping
Concord Camera closes

Shopping for a camera  Part I.

Nikon P6000 gets reviewed… and disappoints

Site of the Week

Zooomr – – The best way to think about Zoomr might be, Flickr meets Twitter.  It is a place to share photos as well as stories that go with them.  As well as discover other photographers that you enjoy their work and/or stories.

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Parentography 7: Back Up!

Written by Jay on October 30, 2008 – 5:30 pm

icon for podpress  Parentography Episode 7: Back Up! [33:53m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download

PhotoPlus Expo New York

Olympus Micro FourThirds

– That nifty little camera that was showed at Photokina was there… under glass.  Nothing new until “early 2009”  Probably at PMA.

Expo Disk

– This is an awesome tool to have if you battle White Balance Issues (use a lot of mixed light).  It may seem a bit expensive, running $70 and up depending on the size you need, but if you value not having to spend time later fixing white balance, it may be worth it.

Joby Gorilla Pod

When you don’t have the time or space, or just can’t use a tri-pod, Joby’s Gorilla Pod just might be the answer.

Plus Site of the Week and Tip of the Week, in this weeks show.

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Parentography Episode 6: Photgraphy rights

Written by Jay on October 24, 2008 – 7:25 pm

icon for podpress  Parentography Episode 6: Photgrapher's Rights [19:44m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


Canon announces fall rebates

Rebates on lenses, flashes and high end camcorders.  Sale is now through Jan 17th, 2009.

Microsoft releases Pro Photo Tools 2

Talk about a giant that has no recognition in Pro Photography.

Reader’s Digest Photo Contest

Halloween is right around the corner, and here is a chance to use that photo I just know you were going to take anyway.  You have until November 2nd to submit your Halloween photos of yourself, a family member or pet for a chance to win $100.

PhotoPlus Expo – October 23rd – 25th

The PDN PhotoPlus Expo will be happening this week at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC.  Unlike the PMA show (spring) and the recently closed Photokina show in Germany, not many new announcements are expected from this show.  I will however be attending and reporting back on it next week.


Where can you (or can’t you) take a picture?

It has been reported (but not yet confirmed) that Disneyland and California Adventure parks have cracked down on their “no professional camera equipment” rules.  Depending on who you speak to, it varies from “no telephoto lenses” to “no zoom lenses” to “nothing more than 6 inches”  Walt Disney World in Florida does not seem to be affected.  So, if you are planning on going to Disneyland, be aware you may not be able to take the dSLR lens you want.  Otherwise, perhaps you could throw a small short lens (like a 50mm) on your camera, and pack away your longer lens and change it while in the park.

Photographer’s rights sheet that you can download

Site Of The Week

Kodak Tips – Photographing Children

Tip Of The Week

Halloween is a time for darkness and shadows.  You don’t want to mess with the mood of your pictures with a flash.  But if you have to, and are stuck with an on camera flash, try
1.  Use a piece of tissue paper or tracing paper over the flash to diffuse the light and make is less overpowering.
2.  Get a piece of colored cellophane.  Red or Orange would probably work well, to give a warm glow rather than an overpowering white light.

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Parentography Episode 5: Organizing

Written by Jay on October 16, 2008 – 4:31 pm

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Panasonic DMC-G1 tentatively priced at $799
According to Engadget that first micro Four Thirds Camera being released from Panasonic is due in November (just in time for the Holidays) and priced at $799.

Panasonic Olympus parting ways on 4/3 systems.
Olympus has stated that they are still fully committed to the Four Thirds specification.  This may explain a bit why Panasonic’s first micro four thirds camera looks like an attempt to “replace” a dSLR with this type of camera whereas the Olympus is definitely more of a retro looking pocket shooter.

Jill-e designs supports Breast Cancer Awareness month with two new camera bags

Canon introduces special edition pink SD1100 IS camera and Selphy Picture Printer to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Awareness.
Ads starring Maria Sharipova will run for month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month).  But do things like this really “raise awareness” or is it just exploitation and marketing?

Fuji Introduces their new line of SD and SDHC cards
This is a case of, “what took you so long”?  It seems like a logical step for Fuji which is a trusted name in film to offer “digital film” for cameras, I just can’t figure out what took them so long to introduce them.

Nintendo introduces DSi
Why is this important?  Well, because the big new feature is… a camera.

Gimp version 2.6 released
This free alternative to Photoshop keeps getting better.

TSA Screening Agent busted as One Man Theft Ring

His Listings on eBay

T-Mobile to offer a frame that shows pictures… as you take them.
OK, not quite that simple, for a $10/month fee, when you take a picture (presumably with your phone) you send it to a a mobile number that you are provided, and it sent via MMS to the frame.

Organizing and Tagging Photos
Free Programs like Picasa from Google or Windows Live Photo Gallery, Apple iPhoto
Low Cost Programs like Photoshop Express, ACDSee
Premium programs like Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Apeture, ACDSee Pro, Microsoft Expressions Media

Tip of the Week
Get to know the Rule of Thirds… And then use it.   Essentially you want to imagine your viewfinder has a tic-tac-toe board on it (some point and shoot camera actually have a mode which will show you the grid in your electronic viewfinder.  Avoid placing your main subject in the middle square.

Site of the Week – want to feel better about your own photography?  Few things you can do are as bad as some of the things that they have found from Photoshop Disasters.

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Prentography Episode 4: Fast

Written by Jay on October 9, 2008 – 8:00 pm

icon for podpress  Parentography Episode 4: Fast [15:10m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download


Pentax enters the “Entry level” dSLR market –

Very similar to their K200D, the new K2000 takes away some of the bells and whistles of its big brother, but adds an 18-55 mm lens and a flash to the package for $699.


“Fast” Cameras and Lenses – What are they and why are they important.

Tip of the Week

Turn your camera – Look in a studio and what do you see?  Most photographs (other than group shots) are done in portrait.  Yet, many people never turn their camera from landscape (I blame those too skinny, ultra compacts, they are hard to hold in landscape and virtually impossible in portrait).  When you take a picture, stop and take another in portrait.

Site of the Week – They make a Plug-in for Firefox (and IE)(formerly called Piclens) which is a cool way to browse pictures in a feed.  It creates a 3D “Wall” of pictures for searching and browsing through pictures.

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Parentography Episode 3: Indoor Shooting

Written by Jay on September 25, 2008 – 7:02 pm

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Canon announces the new G10 and 5D Mark II
Correction SX10 is a replacement to the S5 IS and not the SX100.
Olympus shows off first concept Micro 4/3 camera
Casio releases it second High Speed Shooter – EX-FH20
Epson Introduces Three Sub-$100 All-in-One Inkjet Printers


Taking kids sports pictures. Motion, low light, gym
Taking pictures at night, kids playing outside
Having fun… It doesn’t always have to be “documentation”
Slow Shutter Speeds – sometimes “blur” is cool 

Fast Swings



Site of the Week

Photo Jojo – – Photojojo is a twice a week newsletter that gives tips, DIY projects and ideas for photography that helps when you get the photographic equivalent of “Writers Block”  (Photographers Block?).

Tip of the Week

When shooting through glass (like at an Aquarium or a Museum), set yourself at a 45 degree angle to the glass to avoid reflections.

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Parentography Episode 2: All The News

Written by Jay on September 18, 2008 – 8:23 pm

icon for podpress  Parentography Episode 2 [19:38m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download



Polaroid Planning a Camera with a printer built in
Panasonic unveils first Micro Four Thirds Camera
Although some confusion still abounds with even Reuters calling the new camera a “SLR” even though it has no mirror and thus is not a Single Lens Reflex Camera.  Will this sort of confusion hurt the new cameras?
Canon and NFL introduce the “Why Do you love Football” photo contest for Amateur Photographers.
Grand Prize is a Trip for Four to Super Bowl XLIII and Gets Their Photo Displayed in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Parents, family members and friends are encouraged to submit as many as 10 of their favorite football photos from September 1, 2008 to December 3, 2008 by visiting and follow the online instructions. 
Canon introduces new cameras targeted at the teen and tween market
The “big” feature of these cameras is that they are available  for “fashion conscience”  teens and tweens in White, Blue and Pink.  Other than that very little (nothing) is different in these run of the mill cameras that are expected to be available this month with an estimated street price of $199.99.
Canon updates A Series and SX series cameras
These “affordable family friendly” camera are mildly improved.  Good cameras for first timers, but nothing that would make somebody give up their old cameras.  The A Series is compact and easy to handle even with one hand.  The SX is something of an oddball.  It is bigger than cameras in the A series, but offers the 10X Zoom available in the S Series.  It is not as good as the S series, but costs less.
Nikon introduces the D90
There hasn’t been much news out of Nikon for the past week or so… but that is mostly because they have been making news and releasing different cameras (mostly on the high professional end) for several months now.  But they did release the D90, which is what is considered a “mid-market” (but for our purposes the “highest end” we will discuss on Parentography) dSLR.  The biggest draw to the new D90 is that this is the first dSLR that does movie capture.  For those that cut their teeth on digital camera, one of the things that seem odd when you move up to a dSLR is losing this movie mode ability that you have in low end Point and Shoot cameras.  Nikon now looks to fill that void with this camera.  At $999.95 (body only, $1299 with lens) though it is not for the most casual of photographers.
Printing:  Do you print photos any more, or just share via sites like Flickr? 


Tip of the Week
Tip of week is actually out Site of the Week this week since it gives you 100 tips for improving your Photography
Site of the Week
Adorama’s 100 Tips in 100 Days – – Part III of Adorama’s 100 tips in 100 Days is under way.

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Introducing The Parentography Podcast

Written by Jay on September 10, 2008 – 9:37 pm

icon for podpress  Episode 1: Introductions [13:36m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download



Intention of Podcast.  

“You are the documentarian of your child’s early life”

Do you find yourself not taking as many pictures of the kids when you feel like you are trying to hard for the “perfect” picture?

Shooting with a “toy” cameras vs the ease of something small

Getting the camera out of auto.

Site of the Week – If you want to know virtually any detail on any digital camera it is almost certainly covered by the folks at

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